Thursday, September 30, 2010

some thoughts for your night

+ mom and i just put a massive pot of applesauce on the stove

+ tracy jordan and the cash cab {the greatest merge of all times}! please watch tonight's episode of 30rock.

+ this vid of laughter yoga {i love it and wish that i actively pursued the practice or was bold enough to teach it. . . we did some laughter yoga in training and it was fascinating for me to go from feeling sorta awkward to feeling so happy/so joyful. you get to a point where you really cannot stop laughing}

+ junot diaz is out of his mind {currently reading the brief wondrous life of oscar wao and i went to hear diaz speak at davidson last week. he came on the stage wearing jeans, a hoodie, and tennis shoes, and reminded me of an awful lot of a dominican jacob calder. he was hilarious, talented, and informal.}

+ the ads that came up on the side of my facebook today were for: motorcycle car magnets, r.e.i., and tara stiles {a glam yogini}.

+ please take the time to look at all of nevada wier's photographs here {esp. the ones under the set shadows}

+ i still have no idea when i am leaving/exactly where i am going/etc. . . and i still have a massive list of things to start figuring out!

+ i miss my friends


  1. Some thoughts for your morning:

    + Will watch "30 Rock" tonight with husband! It is the greatest show on television.

    + So jealous you got to hear Junot Diaz speak! And that he looked like a Dominican Jacob Calder. Really awesome that you get to take advantage of Davidson's lecture series.

    + Is there a difference between a yogi and a yogini?

    + Miss my friends, too. ALSO MISS YOU!

  2. + please watch the 30rock
    +junot diaz is the coolest and you would have loved him
    + yogi - dude, yogini- lady {more of an americanized term, not nec. accepted in india}
    + i miss you baby like nothing else