Monday, September 20, 2010

a week of small things

tambourine from india {i got it in my head that i just had to have a tambourine from india last summer. . . i found one, but. . . i still haven't found many reasons to pull it out!}

necklace from mrs. whitman. . . it reminds me an awful lot of something betty flinstone would have worn. that doesn't bother me much and i wear it just the same.

i finally found a singing bowl friends! i actually bought this little treasure in italy of all places. kelsey and i found this little stand of indian/nepalese/tibetan goods in rome and i simply couldn't leave without this. i have been looking for one for quite some time now and it is especially dear to my heart because of the sweet nepali man who sold it to me.

snack of choice: chocolate covered almonds from trader joes

fierce, thrifted, three dollar wedges. . . yes, sarah, these were a great purchase!

yet another necklace. it was once one of k's but she never wore it. . . so. . .

glasses. . .

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