Wednesday, September 1, 2010

man i'm so tired

ugh. work at the 'hive was so long today. elaine and i attempted to paint these old {ten years plus my age} wicker etageres with off-white spray paint. we decided that we needed to get outside b/c of the fumes, but. . . it turns out we did not have adequate permission to paint in the loading dock. love working with people who work for banks - so many rules.

as it turns out, we were spraying fumes down into the bank of america vault! ha. . . it took three different security guards to kick us off the property until we finally got the message.

we solved the days crisis with a paint can, drop cloth, and some brushes. i am still covered with paint and still have a long thursday and saturday of painting ahead of me!

even though i'm tired and have next to no energy, i still think i could be a house painter for a living. i just really love paint and getting dirty.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

other stuff -

* this book both annoys me and makes me miss my darling ytt. asheville friends i still think we should all just move to a colony together! it has been really crazy reading about the protagonist - whose name just so happens to be grace - and her training. strange enough, there was a stephanie, mark, and sarah in her training too! i just happened to stumble upon this book while i was with little ruthie in the library and i needed something new. . .

*it still weirds me out the think abby & guion are married and living in charlottesville! i love them and miss them always and i'm jealous k gets to go visit before i do. . . a & g when can i come up and see you too?

* i'm headed to chapel hill this labor day - the 8th!

* tennis is one of the best sports to watch on tv - thanks us open for providing me with great background noise. dad says in need to learn how to run so i'm studying up! : )


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  1. Haha, oh, the Beehive. Happy not to be working there anymore. But I'm sure Elaine is happy to have your company. Funny about getting kicked off... probs thought you two were amateur terrorists. Come visit whenever you want! Door is always open! We miss you tons. You can bring Foofie, too.