Monday, September 13, 2010

things that make me smile:

+ this {i don't really know what it is about this picture, but it makes me very happy}

+ kind red cross people {i went to donate blood today and i had to wait in line for nearly an hour, but the whole time they were there handing me drinks, sandwiches, cookies - you name it! i know that sounds strange to say that giving blood made me smile, but in a way it did. everyone was incredibly positive and appreciative.}

+ library book sales {it is rare for me to leave without at least three books under my arm. . . today i scored - the kite runner, the slow way back, and the basic kafka. who knows if i will ever get around to reading all these books i have bought, but when they are only 25 cents, who can resist? one of my goals for my time at home was to read a book a week. . . i've come pretty close so far. i'm working on finishing up drown and the four loves at the moment. . . in case i haven't mentioned it before, i'm really enjoying my time with books these days!}

+ these lines {below} from mumford and sons' song "dust bowl dance" {my time in london inspired me to go home and start listening to them more frequently. let's just say that i rediscovered them at just the right time in my life : ) } . . . "seal my heart and break my pride, i've nowhere to stand and nowhere to hide. align my heart, my body, my mind, to face what i've done and do my time. . ."

+ this song {it gets me in a dancy mood. definitely my favorite song on the album}

+ painting projects {they just keep coming my way! i'll post some pics soon}

+ yoga month! {i'm getting re-motivated and it feels so good to back into it all. . . i also have an embarrassing confession to make - it has taken me four whole months to send in my ryt {regesterd yoga teacher} certificate. yup. part of the reason was the money, i honestly couldn't justify paying almost a hundred dollars for just a name, but i was losing motivation to teach fast and now that it is going to be made more officially, i'm really ready to start. the longer i stay out of it the longer i will keep procrastinating. if i truly love it, i need to go for it right? so. . . i'm going for it. . . also, i'm pondering the purchase of this little thing. my current mat is 5+ years old and is starting to shed like a pup {image # three when you type puppy into flickr}. . . (also, thanks to all of those fab painting projects mentioned above, there is now little dots of paint everywhere on my well loved mat. paint follows me wherever i go). i just need some color advice now. . . what do you recommend friends? also, just to make it more confusing, i've considered this one too { it supports an organization that i back up with my whole heart} all i want is one that will look smashing with sarah's incredible {best ever} graduation gift - a yoga bag from rwanda made from a peacock print! seriously, the greatest.}

+ genuinely happy people

+ little brothers that help upload new music to your ipod when you're too tired and/or lazy to do it yourself

+ this article {i'm so thrilled about my time living a similar lifestyle for a couple of months!}

+ {kathmandu}

+ finding work {and lots of it! i'm so thankful for all the work i have come across since i have been home. my prayer is that my efforts here will be put to good use and not surprisingly, i have already learned many great lessons along the way. i have been fortunate and i look forward to seeing what becomes of the rest of this time off - even if it really doesn't seemed like a gap in my life, it just resembles a very long summer. . . and nothing is wrong with that.}

+ these three pics from london {just check out the way those vegetables are arranged - magic.}

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