Saturday, September 18, 2010

a chapel hill visit

it is still hard for me to believe that in a year, this will be my home too. after seeing everyone's smiling faces and experiencing some of the fab opportunities available for the students there [as alwasys}, i have to admit i am getting excited.
even though i had not originally wanted to go to unc, the more and more i know of it, i'm positive that i will be happy there!
the 5 things that most excite me about unc:
1. easily number one is. . . yo po !
2. all the amazing, talented, and beautiful people i know there and will soon meet
3. the classes {esp. the ones related to the arts, photojournalism, international politics, people of the world, religion, french. . . you name it!}
4. concerts!!! {sarah, andrew, evangeline, and i went to the sam amidon concert {for free people. . . i guess it pays to be late sometimes!} who knew he was that crazy, loveable, and hilarious.
5. yoga with carborro {this place is fantastic and thanks alex for coming with me}, rock climbing with andrew, and other sports/games with others.
for more pics of my three day visit, check out the food blog {here}.
have a blessed weekend everyone!

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