Thursday, January 6, 2011

is this really possible?

you've gotta love a packing post!

all along i knew this was going to be a challenge, but who knew packing for six months would be this ridiculous? i have just now starting this forever long process, and i don't know when i will finish. tomorrow is hectic, so packing is left to tonight. . .

the list of things never seems to end, but i really couldn't be any more excited. i have received so many sweet cards/letters/emails/calls today and yesterday, i feel incredibly loved right now {plus mom made quiche just for me tonight for dinner}

{so sorry for the poor image quality, the big cam. is already in a bag - the first thing to go in!
*in the photo also, the camera pack looks just as big, if not bigger than my regular pack, but in reality is much smaller, so, i'm having to get creative. . . traveling sans cameras would be easy, but i couldn't imagine a trip without one!}

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