Saturday, January 22, 2011

a walk

here's a short {but boring} recap of the past couple of days for you all:

- the weather has been a little dreary and wet, therefore my days have been spent doing one of the following activities: cleaning dishes, cutting things in the kitchen, vacuuming the floors, or washing all the windows and mirrors. not bad work, just a little sad that i cannot get outside to pull weeds or stare at a flower.

- went for a walk down the road today {see in the photos} and it hit me, i'm in new zealand AND i'm in the middle of nowhere! really, picnic bay has only about four houses and the nearest town {to get groceries and such} is over an hours drive! amazing. { i do love eating food almost entirely made on the farm. even the meat we ate today for lunch was at one point one of their pet pigs.} also on this little walk of mine, i came to realize just how beautiful this place is. thanks to all the rain, everything is thick, healthy, and green. you can literally walk outside, take a few steps then see/hear a mini waterfall.

- i spent my free time today trying to figure out my next move. i want to make it to blenheim soon, but i still don't have the next farm lined up. there are so many options but it is difficult to find a way to get to the farm or to find availability.

{click any picture to see it larger. . . 1.) found this lovely vine of one of the trees, 2.) see that little bit of blue roof? yup, that's my house for the next couple of days!, 3.) directly outside of the driveway. on my hour or so long walk down this road, only one car passed me. the only thing i heard were little bird noises}}

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  1. so jealous! i just watched oprah while she was in australia-so want to go there. miss you and love you. hope you are feeling better.