Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a new phase

in preparation for all the changes 2011 will bring/have already brought, i've decided to change the look of le blog a little and introduce the brand new look of grace farson photography!

please take a minute and check out the new photography portfolio [at] agfarson[dot]wordpress[dot]com.

it is still a work in progress and i'm just now working to understand the fundamentals of wordpress.


also, since this post is all about the new phase of my life . . . i feel like sharing a few of my new years goals. . . ever since i was little i have loved our family tradition of talking through our new years resolutions over the dinner table. i love getting inspired by all my friends and family at this time of year. even though the year has started off dramatically different than i had hoped, i know 2011 holds great surprises, adventures, and challenges!

here are a few things i hope to accomplish in 2011:

- survive on my own for 6 months abroad!
- return to a simpler way of living
- journal and draw daily
- teach yoga and meditation {at home [davidson and chapel hill] and abroad}
- have my qt and meditate every morning
- make friends abroad and at school/ reconnect with other friends
- stay in touch with family and friends throughout the year {esp. while i'm away}
- learn more about truly organic living {i hope to learn how to milk a cow, shear a sheep, plant new varieties of plants, take care of a beehive, etc. . . i really cannot wait for this!}
- start memorizing isaiah 58
- memorize a poem
- run again! {2x/wk}
- be wise with the decisions i make/ how i use my {limited} funds
- see everest
- go skydiving with padre
- learn to speak a little nepali/ brush up on my sanskrit
- ride a horse/ some other interesting animal
- take beautiful/interesting photos and study/intern with a photographer
- buy a bike and ride it like it's my job
- get involved in a bible study
- learn to use film cameras {ae-1 and reflex primarily}
- find a roommate/ figure out the college life
- make a chain of blessings each day of my first semester
- write more letters
- learn how to knit from ms. beth in the summer!
- pull out the sewing machine and make lovely little things with sydney campanella!
- read 5 c.s. lewis books
- rock climb with andrew in the fall!
- have weekly cooking nights at sarah and kelsey's places
- listen more/ love more/ witness more
- learn to french braid
- learn to play the accordion {ha. . . this will be on my list every year until it happens. . .}


yes, so it is a bit long and exhausting, but. . . 2011 = crazy travel/part of summer at home {it is actually the year of two summers!}/the start of my life at carolina, so why not dream big?!

what are your new years goals friends?

{all photos from venice this summer - click to see any larger!}

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