Sunday, January 31, 2010

the small list

- insert random song/poem/movie lines into my life/ daily conversations
- learn to french braid {or just braid my hair like this}
-learn to play the accordion & tambourine
-learn french & sanskrit
-be present
-figure out plans for the future {scary business folks!}
-learn to knit & sew
-save up & buy a bike & camera lens
-learn to use the ae-1
-travel {europe? anywhere really}
-eat like a french lady
-intern with a photographer
-photo-a-day project for a year
-keep up with sketch/yoga journal
-wear a skirt or dress at least 4 days/wk. {depending on the temperature}
-yoga {utkatasana}/ meditation everyday {nothing new here!}
-teach yoga at least once a week {i really need to practice teaching. . . still have no clue what i am doing!}
-dance all the time {more like learn how to dance}
-cook new foods {work towards eating only organic & local}
-walk, don't drive!
-run a half marathon? {ha. . . we shall see about this one}
-rock climb, hike, & camp monthly
-learn to drive the truck
-be awesome, mysterious, adventurous, fearless, creative, & loving

{photo from the glorious snow over the weekend}

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