Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For Sarah:

This week's challenge was to write a short story in only six words.
I got a bit carried away. It was 2:30 in the morning and I was too jazzed about everything but homework. . . this is what happened. . .
p.s. none of them make sense!
*Rain. Could not sleep. Too excited.
*Frozen pond. Remembered accident. Walked away.
*Went to a party. Escorted out.
*Hunting. Not animals or people. Bikes.
*Decision made. Five years later, returned.
*Pain. Hurts me more than you.
*Dear stairs- I will always win.
*Waited. Wide-eyed. For the results.
*Broken, but alive. All is well.
*She watched. Confidence played the harp.
*Hazelnut. Memory of that first encounter.
*Held in. Looked up. Smiled. Winked.
& last, but not certainly not least. . .
*Fire burning on the dance floor!
I love you and your letter is coming soon!
{photo from trip to MM & DD's}

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