Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm such a wimp

So, Andrew and I went for a run on the cross country trails this morning with Dub. . . and, I about died. Yup. Poor Andrew had to deal with me on the walk home, complaining the whole time of chest compression and feeling like I was going to barf. For real, I thought I was going to pass out!Don't know what happened, but when I got home, I only got worse. Once the barfy-feeling left, I got really cold and started shaking! I don't know what was happening but after about an hour, I got feeling back in my fingers and could move from the couch. Unlike Abby, my body was not made for running! Maria is still trying to convince me to run a half marathon with her at VA beach in September, but after today, that seems very unlikely.

In other news, you know what I am constantly amazed by?

God's creativity when it comes to people. People= hilarious! I realized this last night at Thursday night worship. Wouldn't life be unbearable if everyone had the same personality?

{Photo by Abby}

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