Saturday, January 16, 2010


it feels really good to be this happy. after a shower and meditation this morning, i went to artworks on main for the figure drawing studio. it was so great to see everyone again, and i hope to start attending more sessions this semester. {got me excited about pulling my work together to make a portfolio!} around 12:30, i ate lunch and then went to the y to practice some yoga, then i met up with the outrageously beautiful and similarly-minded olivia at summit.
basically today was great b/c i spent times doing the things i love to do.
now, i need to go read the actual and get a good night's rest.
that's all for now!
p.s. if everything falls through with nat. geo., i want to work with mr. selby. this couple's life makes me sick. aren't they amazing/ everything you want to be?

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