Sunday, January 24, 2010

this generation's designers = incredibly talented

i realize this every time i read the nytimes. seriously, there are so many crazy/creative/genius types in this line of work.

weekend recap:

lots of hw & wedding dress/ bridesmaid dress/ reception dress hunting {mom might just get this for the reception. incredible isn't it?} also, i think abby & i also had success {wish i could post a picture of her dress, but i'll wait until may to share it. . .

abby & kelsey went back to school this rainy morning and we all wanted them to stay. goodbyes are never fun, even if we know we will see them again in just a few weeks.

what i hope to accomplish this week:

*meditate every morning for 10 minutes

*hold utkatasana for 10 comfortable breaths {instead of only 5. . . should be making progress, but i am afraid i am not}

*study for my apah test {due monday night!}

*read & write about a book for yoga & other homework {still have not decided what i want to read}

*teach for about an hour

*write sarah a little letter

*meet up with friends/plan out future meeting times too!

*clean the drawers in my closet

*clean beside/ behind my bed

*be nice to my poor ankle

*make $ {realizing i have none & that i have a lot of big purchases coming up}

*paint {start new/ finish old projects}

*keep up with pic-a-day project & journal

*keep up with all my hw {focus this week on french & both math classes}

*rain or shine, i hope to enjoy it! {the weather plays such a powerful part in the outcome of my week. . . it always has an affect on me/ my attitude.}

1 comment:

  1. love your dress. where did you find it?

    and can you cheat and email me the photo of abby? i might need a dress do-over, and might need a little inspiration.