Thursday, January 28, 2010


i have a lot of unfortunate things to deal with, including the fact, today confirmed that i am not talented in math or english. today in math we talked a lot about how some people are talented in one or the other. . . and then i started thinking. what if you are not talented in either one?
what does that mean? about the only thing i am talented in is color, but even that i get confused by {example: working on this painting for mom's bathroom and i simply cannot come up with the right shade of cerulean blue. i've tried every possible combination and now i am stuck!}
i kind of hope that it snows this weekend, then i can just sit at home and read. i have bikram's bio, crime & punishment, bhagavad gita, the fifth child, the joy luck club, the heart of yoga, the cloister walk, and all of my text book work to read. most of them, at least four of them i need to finish by this week. at least everything is interesting.
one thing is certain though- i am so thankful to be done {or at least mostly done} with college apps! i certainly feel like i have a life again now. all that is left- corcoran college of art & design. my goal is to get it in by the 15th of feb.

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