Wednesday, January 20, 2010

time to share


prasarita padottanasana

virabhadrasana II

virabhadrasana I


eka pada koundiyanasana

salamba sirsasana

adho mukha svanasana


& what remains of the day.

all of these are from the other morning on the lake. trying to work on the sanskrit, but i'll admit, i'm having a hard time.

hurt my ankle running yesterday. . . starting to think i really was not made to be a runner!

class, ada, yoga, hw, searching for silver shoes, & babysitting today. . . nothing new, but everything is good.

until next time-


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  1. Gorgeous photos, Grace. We really need to figure out a time you can come help me. Maybe I'll bring my book to class tomorrow and you can take a look.