Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sarah and I have a habit of finding and exploring old abandoned houses. . . and we kinda love it!

These pics are from A, K, S, & my little day in the woods on the 30th. I cannot even begin to share what this experience meant to me. It all started because the Blue Ridge Parkway was closed and we had nothing to do really. . . so we drove past Warren Wilson College {!} about six times, visited the folk art center, pushed a stuck car out of the snow, visited Lake James, and did some more driving. As we were heading back to South Mnt. for more hiking, I remembered a spot I always see on the drive back from Asheville. The first time I saw this spot, it was one of the most breathtaking, inspiring, artist-worthy things I had ever seen in my life. It was sunset and there was a gap between the miles of trees lining the highway view. On a little hill was a small tin roofed cabin with trees all around. Basically, I couldn't get that split-second image out of my head for several months. When we passed, I told the crew of my great ambition to see this spot in person, and to my great surprise, they agreed to go take a look {yes, even Kels! The whole walk there she kept telling us trespassing stories and how she was going to loose the Morehead if we were caught, etc}. We encountered problem #1 as soon as we pulled off the exit because there was no place to park the car for a few hours. About a mile away from the site, we found a gas station and parked there for a little while : )
We had no trail or path to follow, only our ideas {A even climbed a tree}, but after a long and occasionally frightening route, we found it! It was incredible and everything I had thought it would be.
Thank you dear friends for following my outrageous and nonsensical plans! Love you all.

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