Sunday, January 23, 2011


the sky is blue today!

after five days with almost constant rain, all of us here on the farm {stefan, heike, frank, phillip, & i} were starting to get a little desperate.

in other weather related news, i felt my first earthquake early yesterday morning! exciting {?} and a little scary. thankfully it was a 4.4 quake and didn't cause much damage. i didn't know what it was and i just fell right back to sleep.

yesterday's work involved drying garlic cloves for a couple of hours, cleaning the house, etc. today's work was of a different sort - weeding!

i was so excited to get outside heike could have told me to do anything and i would have done it. i ended up weeding entire garden beds with my hands and just one tool. it was pretty intense b/c nz weeds are a good deal heartier than nc weeds.

today also marks day seven without a shower and day five without changing my clothes {mom, can you believe it? i really cannot either. i sleep in this, work in this, etc. tonight i change and i'll be so happy!}. b/c water here is precious {regardless of the torrential rains} i haven't even ventured to ask about showering. i realized on the first day in picton that i had only taken two showers the entire trip! then i made the mistake of telling my picton friends that. i have now gained an international reputation for not showering. i made sure to take two in picton alone, but now i'm back to the same habits.

also, friends thank you all for the little updates. i just skyped with emily and dana and abby has been a great source of laughs. she's kept me updated on all the cool lady bloggers and their lives!

keep in touch world, i miss you, but i am so happy to be here. today, i've felt incredibly strong, healthy, and inspired and i just wish everyone was here with me to share this.

more to come, but i need to let others on the internet. . .

{photos from fantail organic garden [my new home here] yesterday}

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  1. Grace! My mom and I were just reading this and we cannot believe that you went that many days without a shower!! It sounds like you're having a really great time though. :)

    -Lauren Roberts