Sunday, August 16, 2009

Senior Year here we come!!!

Truly cannot believe school starts tomorrow! I don't know how I will survive this first semester, but I have confidence that everything is going to be alright in the end.

Classes for First Semester:
  • AP World History {Co-op}
  • AP Art History {PAH}
  • Post-Modern Literature {Co-op}
  • French III {Potters School}
  • ALG. II {Co-op}
  • Advanced Biology & Human Anatomy {Co-op}
  • Personal Finance {CPCC}
  • Print & Elements of Design I {CPCC}

Most people take 4 to 5 per semester, but I somehow ended up with 8! See what I mean when I say I cannot do anything simply?!

Always so much to do in a day!

{p.s. I really want to go to Morocco. Met a very encouraging and intelligent woman from Casablanca today & she told me I should think about traveling to Morocco with her next summer! How awesome would that be?! Maybe Morocco after our whirlwind trip to Europe?}

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