Sunday, March 21, 2010

another weekend gone

how can it be? the weekend was perfect, it just went by wayyy too quickly!
this week is unfortunately going to be just as busy and fast paced as the week before : (
my time with mm & dd this weekend was perfect & i wish i could be with them every week. i got to do all of those things mentioned in the previous post & more.

weekend recap:
-saturday: got up with the sun & did some yoga & meditated, ate breakfast with mm & dd, did some more restorative yoga with mm, read my book, went out on a photo-adventure with mm & dd, drove back home, went to molly's beautiful house for a silpada show, studied with patrick, went to sangam indian cuisine {channa masala & naan my friends!}, & then we snuck through the gate at lake campus & took pictures of the boats. when i got home, i made the mistake of watching the nanny diaries {not so great} & then fell sound asleep.
-sunday: slept in {felt better than ever}, showered, & worked at mainstreet. the rest of the day i've been hard at work {writing papers, studying history, etc}. patrish came over around 4:00 & we take breaks about every 30 minutes to watch inspirational videos like this. : )


* these kids are only the greatest {oh & this, of course!}
*this is really touching {i think ashley gilbertson's work is great}
*mmm. . . nepal
*kinda want to live here

here's to a new week!
{this little daffodil was all alone under a bed of ferns}

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