Friday, March 19, 2010

thinking about -

the realists. they had some kind of talent. . .
1. horse galloping- eadweard muybridge

2. the banjo lesson - henry ossowa tanner

3. the gross clinic - thomas eakins

4. the veteran in a new field - winslow homer

. . . obviously in the middle of studying art history. . .
two of my favorite movements in art history entirely contradict each other- the romantics & the realists. i have a thing for both, even though they could not be any more dissimilar.
no.3 mildly reminds me of the experience we {advanced biology class} had yesterday at appalachian state u. thanks to ms. beth and mr. landry our entire class had the incredible opportunity to visit a cadaver lab. the whole experience was bizarre, but truly rewarding. after hearing so many stories of people passing out, throwing up, crying, i was not looking forward to the my initial reaction, but it was all much easier than i had anticipated. the human body is ridiculously complex, beautiful, and surprising. i loved seeing the true shape and structure of the muscles, intestines, organs, etc. it was fascinating & not at all gross or disturbing.
that said, i'll write more later. . .

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