Thursday, March 25, 2010

a series

"the possibility of a pause between the creation of a thought pattern for any particular action and the execution of that action is the physical basis for awareness. this pause makes it possible to examine what is happening within us at the moment when the intention to act is formed as well as when it is carried out. the possibility of delaying action- prolonging the period between the intention and its execution- enables man to know himself."

-moishe feldenkrais, awareness through movement

nothing new or entirely special {urdhva danurasana/ wheel} again. it has become a favorite.

this morning was a truly beautiful rewarding because:

- i got up with the sun

- did sun salutes { not quite 108 like the rest of the world. . .}

-meditated on the dock {i loved just sitting a taking in my surroundings- listening to all the birds/little creatures/the quietness of morning}

-i brought my mat with me this time

-continuous self-timer on my camera

-starting the first day of spring the best way i know how!

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