Thursday, March 4, 2010

i unfortunately did not find my calling yesterday snowboarding, but. . . it sure was fun!

today, i can't move. every time i move my body, i am in serious pain! my neck, knees, & my right thumb hurt the most.

that said. . . it was incredible! i'd do it all over again tomorrow.

sam & i got up at 5:00 a.m., drove 2.5 hrs to the appalachian ski resort with the pinckneys, went on the slopes for a few hours {jacob, matthew, & i went through a forever-long training session}, ate an odd lunch, went back out in the snow {tried more difficult routes & made a fool of myself}, hurt my knee on my last run, then drove back home {we played would you rather. . . the whole ride back}

the mountains always put me in a good mood and i am so happy i finally seized an opportunity to go snowboarding. i want to go every week now!

much love.

p.s. i get to be with the mountains twice in one week. . . {leaving for asheville tomorrow morning!}

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  1. Sorry you're hurting. Hope the yoga this weekend eases out the pains all over. I had a fun time, too, and am still thinking about hands that spray water!

    Have fun in Asheville!