Monday, March 15, 2010

the ides of march

-crazy but somewhat efficient day {good french grades made the day start off well}
- kate's 6th birthday
-these two pieces. . . yellow & harem pants. . . {more toast love coming}
-this video is incredible {sam o'hare, you get an a+}
-got a cute new red phone {even better than the one i had expected to get}
-a little overwhelmed by all the tests/essays due this week
- need to learn how to work film cameras {everything just looks better with film. . . j'adore that certain grainy/blurry/softness}
-wish that i could breathe like a normal human. . . my nose cannot decide between dripping & clogging up
-have been researching flights, study abroad programs, ways to make $, & internships
-i'm going to have the time of my life decorating my own house/dorm room {several ridiculous ideas already up my sleeve!}
-second week of in-class adjustments at yoga went well this afternoon
-i love the whole packing for a trip process. . . instead of just writing out a list, i like to draw visuals of what to bring along. . .
{this photo was an accident, but i kinda like the way it came out. . . downtown davidson, shot through the window of the car}

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