Thursday, November 18, 2010

happy 21st birthday kelsey!

you're 21 now love.

i sure hope that your day was filled with only the best things in life.

i honestly couldn't ask for a better role model in life. k, you are outstanding in every way.

i am so thankful for this summer and the fact that we spent every waking moment together. i only wish that every week was like that! when people ask me what my favorite part was, i always say it was spending time with you. sure, we saw and experienced some pretty fabulous things, but nothing will ever compare with the time we had together.

you are gorgeous, funny, affectionate, and by far the most compassionate, generous, and caring person i have ever known.

you deserve only the best in life.

happy, happy birthday! i love you more than i can put into words.

{p.s. i cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!! . . . photo 1 is of k in oxford and photo 2 is of k in orvieto}

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