Monday, November 22, 2010

road trippn

i always love a good road trip!

my favorite kind are the ones like we just experienced this past weekend - one that is fantastically unpredictable and new.

it was so unpredictable that mom and i ended up driving straight up a mountain {on a dirt path} in search of the lodge! it was seriously funny and scary! we were convinced that we were going to get chased down the mountain by someone with a gun. . . once we realized that we were getting more and more lost, we had to back down the mountain {on the darkest of nights mind you}.

. . . eventually we made it to primland and into the arms of my darling sisters! {you can only imagine all the screaming, jumping, dancing, laughing that went on. . .}

i'm so thankful for the rest and relaxation we all got to experience this weekend. i have gone far too many weeks {er. . . months} without taking a sabbath and i needed it badly.

{all photos from friday night. isn't lake norman pretty in the fall {pic. 1}?}

- - - - - - - - - - -

p.s. i cannot wait for the events of this week. thanksgiving week is always full of love, joy, and celebration in this household!

also, i don't know why only orange worked on the last post! excuze-moi!

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