Sunday, November 7, 2010

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+ the great unwashed {from last week's nyt paper. . . i finally don't feel so alone in the world of once-a-day showerers. . . i'm quite proud to say that i only took three showers this week and trust me people, i feel so much happier and healthier when i take fewer showers in a week. what do you think?}

+ the queen of england will be getting fb this week

+ 10 books about places you'll never visit {i found this list particularly funny because i just added frazier's travels in siberia to my goodreads list}

+ bhutan photography scholarship winner's work and others {abby told me about this when i got home this summer. i never did apply. bhutan has long been a place of my dreams and the opportunity to study photography under one of the best, it sounds too good to be true. . . after i lost all record of my photos from india, i really didn't have anything worthwhile to submit. check out- these pictures from a trek in peru, these of the witches of india, these from phuket, these from the mongolian grasslands [love the simplicity], and these [arguably my favorite set], from chernobyl and pripyat [absolutely haunting]}

+ simply gorgeous looks fall ensembles and fall photos by stephanie williams {someday i want to style, scout out a good location, and photograph stuff like this!}

+ i had a dream last night that i had a little girl and we only spoke together in french, it was magic

+ i think i will design my dorm room around a piece like this {wouldn't that be cool on an empty wall? also, i'm in love with these klimt inspired pillows from ehrman tapestry. klimt's work has always made an impression on me. i did a klimt-inspired collage for my design class last year and now that i know what i am doing, i hope to create another. }

+ kelly wearstler's interiors are the coolest

+ dream wedding right here. {dress, hair, outdoor ceremony, amazing photographer. . . i might have already shared this one, but it still enamors me. plus, it is in the south of france}

+ {another dorm room idea perhaps : ) }

+ parisian picnic food {a little taste of us}

{pictures from parisian florist shops}

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