Thursday, November 18, 2010

living in a lemonworld

here are more from this past weekend's shoot with olivia.

i also need to thank one very special person for these - sydney campanella.

sydney, thanks to you {and the tripod}, olivia and i now have these beautiful photos. one day i hope you can be my assistant photographer because you have natural talent.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

get outside, wear a fedora, and celebrate fall.

two more things:

- i just purchased an around the world ticket y'all! and i just blew all the money i have worked so hard to make these past few months in just one hour!

- aaahnnd. . . mom, abby, kelsey, and i are heading to the mountains of virginia tomorrow in honor of k's 21st birthday {her birthday post is coming. . . i'm heading out the door to worship right now though. . . }.

life is good. everyday brings new and exciting things to celebrate.

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  1. Ah Grace, you're the prettiest! I need you to help me find a fedora- I want one but am having no luck finding a good one!

  2. you're now the one i go to for travel advice. just thought you should know the tide has turned. :)