Monday, November 1, 2010


happy first day of november everyone!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

for a while there, i was having so much fun at home, i honestly was contemplating not going off {for a moment}.

. . . but. . . i'm back to planning for the dream and getting really, really, really excited. in my heart, i know, i'm ready now.

i cannot wait to:
- live out of a backpack again
- see new and strange things
- live in a new country/countries for several months
- the pictures i hope to paint/draw and take along the way
- travel entirely independent {another first}
- try new foods
- meet new interesting, inspiring people
- learn
- and much, much more.

considering i am planning on leaving in two months time {?!}, i still have so much to do! i still have not decided on my flights {rtw or one way tickets? can anyone offer any advice here?}. still need to get my nz working holiday visa, my nepal visa, and figure out exactly what i'll be doing in nepal. my ideal program in nepal might not be the most practical right now and i'm still weighing my options. thankfully, there are many and i know any of them will be right in the end.

working full time {sometimes until late at night}, i have had very little time to make plans. i spend the time i have at night researching and brainstorming and because this is the only time to do this, i haven't been sleeping well the past few weeks. i know it'll all come together in time, but time seems to be running by!

{p.s. i just watched this movie and tibet is fascinating. also, brad pitt isn't bad to look at for two hours! he is seriously good looking in hats. . . }

{picture of nz from flickr}

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