Tuesday, November 16, 2010

marie antoinette had it made

all pictures from k & my versailles visit this summer.

after 2.5 hours in line, we made it inside and it was even more impressive than we had imagined.

versailles, like the louvre is overwhelming, {note the kid in the last photo} but significant and an interesting place to visit. if you have only a couple days in paris though, it is almost impossible to do versailles in just a day, so. . . you might want to think of your options before jumping on the train. . .

this movie certainly captures it entirely {i watched it again a few weeks back and forgot just how much i have missed it}!

p.s. i know these are long overdue. . . but i am going to keep posting some photos from the summer just b/c i want to remember everything to the best of my ability.

{click any to see larger}

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