Sunday, November 7, 2010

a week of reading

a.) out stealing horses {thumbs up. imagery is stunning}
b.) nytimes {my favorite sunday read, especially when it is about one of my most favorite places in the world - asheville, nc!}
c.) november national geographic {always}
d.) the life you can save {excellent little read. i like his approach and how he chose to keep it simple and practical}

e.) lonely planet's new zealand {need as much help as i can get!}
f.) the november vogue {the article about stella mccartney's english estate is stunning. i shared it with mom and now she's thinking about filling the whole backyard with english boxwoods!}
g.) the girl who played with fire {yup. after you read number one, you have to read number two. in my opinion, this one was even better than the first. i read all 500 pages in just four days just b/c it is so addictive/suspenseful. read it if you have the time and energy!}
h.) light on yoga {still working through this massive source book, but i keep it out whenever i plan the week's yoga classes}

i read a lot last week - skimmed several magazines, finished three books, and flipped through several more.

this past week's "week of . . ." series to come!

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