Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the longest day

today seemed like an eternity.

i was up long before the sun {after an almost sleepless night i might add}, took sam to class {poor mom has come down with some strange virus}, went to work in charlotte a little over an hour early, worked all day {sat down only to shovel in some snax}, closed the store a little after six, walked to my car {reveled in the beauty of the moon over the city}, sat in traffic in the dark {the time change always messes me up}, stopped by the office supplies store to get a new planner for 2011 {planning a lengthy trip in the new year can be a little challenging when you don't have one
of these}, ate a speghetti and salad dinner, skyped with maria, and now, finally, i am sitting. . . i still have yoga classes for the week to plan, emails to send out, lists to make, but my bed and my book are far too tempting.

until next time. . . have a nice night.


p.s. sorry for the grainy photos - it is the best i've got for the day.

also, watch this vid from the nyc marathon!

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