Sunday, February 21, 2010

black and white

hard to believe another week starts right here, right now. . .

plans/ambitions for the week:

*live without meat & sugar

*read silas marner {& a whole long list of other books. . . really need to just lock myself in a room for a week & read}

*meet margaret atwood

*finish art portfolio {yes, i know, my personal deadline has already come and gone. . . }

*take care of the mott's farm

*call people {oh. . .wait. . . i don't have a working phone!!!}

*go running {the 4 miler the other night was ridiculously inspiring & get this- i didn't get hurt!}

*another weekend yoga workshop {ha. . . seems like that's all i do over the weekends now}


*braid the hair {want it to be long again}

i've got a lot more planned, but for now, that's all i care to share. . .

need to go take a shower, clean up my frighteningly messy closet, & go have dinner with maria, matt, family, & friends!

{p.s. high contrast photos are my fave}

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