Friday, February 26, 2010

a staggering work of genuis

margaret atwood is a quizzical little white-haired lady. the lecture last night at davidson was interesting, but short and strange. she was full of valuable insight/inspiration, although she was difficult to follow. maybe she was just too far above the audience to make a connection with us, or something like that. my favorite part of the night was the old man i sat beside. he talked to me through the whole lecture, something i might have usually minded, but he was full of interesting information! maybe that's why i was lost in her talk. . . he told me all about davidson's history {many of his good friends were at one point or another a dean or even a president}, his inability to finish one of atwood's books, technology, & how he has been a student at davidson ever since graduating {a long time ago}. he said that he makes sure he takes a class every semester. this semester its- dostoevsky and the russian novel. he said his favorite class has been chinese politics and globalization. when i am old, i hope i'm the intellectual-type like atwood or this man. . . i want to have a wealth of information and have a genuine desire to share it with others. i hope to always be a student {yes, i say this even though i am a little burnt out from hw these days}. the talk did inspire me to give atwood's work a chance, but now i don't know what to read- handmaid's tale, the blind assassin, alias grace, or another? suggestions?

isn't it fascinating that people have such a wide variety of interests? after the talk, patrick & i were studying at the union & discussed this. he was working on organic chem. & i was reading about monks . . . it puzzles both of us why/how anyone could ever truly enjoy organic chem. . . but we both know people who have a genuine love for it. weird.

after a lovely worship service, patrick, erik, tennant, matthew & i went to sloan to eat pie {i just had to watch of course}. p, e, & t are all traveling to tx today to work on a ranch for spring break. how awesome is that?

once the pies had disappeared, matthew drove me home. matthew, i really appreciate your friendship & your honesty.

going to ada today. i feel like i have not been able to commit myself to this nearly as often/regular as i would like to. i need to figure out a definite schedule for this semester still. just hw, ada, farm work, & meeting with emily, emily, & amy today. . .

have a jazzy weekend.

p.s. much like atwood, i dream of one day creating some work of staggering genuis. also, i never tire of mgmt music. that's it for now.

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  1. hi grace, it's rachel.

    not the blind assassin. that one is self-inflated. alias grace is interesting (though a trifle anticlimactic) as is handmaid's tale. also: the robber bride.

    but you should begin with her poem 'tricks with mirrors'. you should be able to see the google doc here:

    i love the image that she tries to get at here--explaining to a man that you are not his reflection, but deep.

    hope to see you this weekend!