Wednesday, February 24, 2010

today was a first-

photos from the past weekend's workshop at the balance wellness center. here: my real mommy, me, & my yoga mommy.

stephanie showing us how amazing she really is. . .

kels, we're trying this one when you get home! its a headstand transition to a back bend- nothing else like it.

pincha mayurasana.

i came back home from a yoga class more sad than when i left.
tonight's 6:30-7:30 class marked the end of something that i have loved very much. amanda left the ymca to start her own studio {here} and tonight was her last class. she is an incredible, intelligent, and enlightened teacher and shall be missed dearly. although she will be close by, i doubt that i will be able to attend as many classes as i would like to over the next few crazy months.
during svasana, amanda, also a poet, left us with this-
"in all eternity, there is no greater
treasure to behold than love.
no greater emotion to experience.
love with all its beauty and fullness
reaches the deepest part of our soul
to capture and captivate us with its radiance. . ."
{sorry that the photos don't make sense with what i wrote. . . i just tried to capture recent yoga news in my life. . .pictures of the weekend and the sad class tonight.}

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