Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day

i've always loved this holiday.
this year, it was especially fun b/c everyone was home to celebrate. these past few days have been a little crazy and i have not accomplished nearly as much as i had hoped/needed to, but you know what, it was a wonderful weekend.
it was sad to see abby, kelsey, guion, rebecca, & juan leave today. weekends with family & friends never last long enough.
weekend review:
-everyone home thursday night {action-packed yoga with g. . . i tried something i never have before & i hurt my back, then davidson worship with friends}
-friday {hw, lots of painting, bday dinner, watched the opening ceremonies with everyone plus the flems & patrick, & ate homemade cheesecake}
-saturday {slept in, painted pictures, worked on portfolio with mrs. q., took over the ymca yoga studio with k for an hour, went to summit with k & planned out the summer & the rest of our lives {!}, dinner with the fam, sam's hockey game, went to see valentine's day with rebecca, juan, & k {jessica b. & ashton k. are two very attractive people}, ate more cheesecake, then stayed up until 3 watching a bond movie with g & k {stupid decision grace, really}}
-today {traditional valentine's day breakfast, 1 corinthians 13 recitation, talked a lot about dolphins, hw, flat tire fun, smoothie & chocolate lunch {already sick of chocolate}, then more hw. olivia was a darling and worked at mainstreet for me this afternoon. i still have loads of work to do, but today was perfect and just what i needed.}
another busy week ahead of me. . . but everything is going to be okay.
sarah, i'm still heartbroken that i did not get a chance to see you this weekend. call me whenever love.

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  1. I love the photo on this post. It looks hauntingly surreal!