Sunday, February 21, 2010

life is so good, but so crazy. . . i have a headache

where to start!

hmmm. . . this week has been ridiculous, fun, frustrating. . . i went rock climbing, met up with great people, participated in stop hunger now event, went to a yoga workshop {yesterday & this morning}, got indian food, & stayed busy.

today was lovely {this weather=amazing} & i got to spend my morning with mom & yoga friends. we did a partner & restorative class for 2.5 hours, then mom & i went out to lunch at toast. the biggest problem of the week has been my phone. i hate to be so dependent on something like a phone, but. . . i need mine more than i ever thought i did! i'm currently in the middle of changing over to verizon & i no longer have a working phone. long story, short, it basically screwed up my whole day. it was terrible & poor olivia & i have some serious communication problems about work this afternoon. oh well, its not the end of the world, and life is back to normal!

today was a sunday that didn't feel like a sunday.

{photo from the belated birthday dinner the other week}

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