Tuesday, February 9, 2010

why won't the rain go away?

here is something to make your day a little brighter!
on the agenda this week:
*start memorizing phil. 2: 1-2 with ms. beth, mom, & mrs. calder
*finish my application & portfolio for corcoran!!!
*buy two big canvases and blue paint
*hw {need to get jazzed about it}
*daily yoga/meditation {nothing new here}
*read {fun books & school books}
*celebrate valentine's day & my bday with abby & kelsey & guion {g is coming n'est-ce pas?}
*clean my room & closet well
*take interesting pictures
*get warm
*learn to french braid before annabel's birthday party on saturday {i am in charge of doing hair for her 6th bday party this year!}
*find the unique things in each day
abby get better. i don't like that you are sick. i love you and have been praying for you. kelsey, i'll call you tonight.
{photo from mm & dd's}

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