Monday, February 15, 2010

green & white

what is up with this snow?
i never look up the weather, so i like that this snow is always a surprise. this past dusting of snow {actually some 3"} turned out to be nice, not annoying.
i like snow, dislike cold rain.

this week, i plan on:

-working on memorizing more of phil. 2

-writing letters to friends & loved ones

-playing around with my new toy
-reading all of invisible man & a few others

-having a superb weekend {lots to look forward to}

-submitting my portfolio
-meeting up with lots of friends
-wearing something with ruffles
-rock climbing

-taking care of precious emma dog
-avoiding inversions {bummer}
-taking care of my back {thanks guion}
-attending a yoga workshop with stephanie in concord sat. & sun.
-watching some olympic activity {funny times today in yoga class. molly made us do forearm plank to the olympics theme song. . . oh and another highlight, darling little abby gave me a 3 min. head rub in svasana}
-training {k. you know for what}
-starting lent off strong
-planning my summer

. . . have a happy week. . .
warning, this song might just change your life.
also, this wedding is lovely.

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