Sunday, February 28, 2010

just a few thoughts

-my fave quote of the day from nymag- "for many american high-school seniors, especially the soberest and most studious, senior year is a holding pattern, a redundancy, a way of running out the clock on a game that has already been won."

-nc can be pretty cool sometimes. . . like this-"anywhere there's dirt, a community can grow." also from nymag

-i like this pretty printed scarf

- i think that gold is such a powerful color/idea

- anthro will always be my favorite. get this, i bought, not one, but two freaking dresses from anthro this afternoon! certainly a first. thank you gift cards & discount cards & a graduation/wedding excuse! love, love, love! & this is truly epic. also, if ever a shoe was made for grace, it would be these. i tried on a similar pair today & let's just say they didn't want to leave my feet. both mom & i had successful afternoons at the mall today. neither of us had been shopping in ages, so we made up for lost time.

-i love subtle hints of "nature" in big cities. . . the contrast is beautiful

-earl grey tea helps me make it through each day

-where can i find brown & silver shoes?

-i want to learn how to more comfortably work film cameras in the next month. . .where did this month run off to btw?

-ally, kate, & i spent most of the day together {took care of the farm, walked to work, worked for two hours, & walked back}

-this is the look of joy & so is this

-the creeper came into the store today {k & s you know who i mean} & thankfully did not linger around. right before he walked out he said- "play it safe out there." don't really get what he was trying to get at with that one.

-spring break could not come at a more perfect time. . .
-i should make it a goal to always wear bright colors on rainy days. . . but as for today, thank heavens it was beautiful, bright, and smiley.
-p.s. how am i ever going to have $ for europe???

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