Sunday, February 7, 2010

today's my birthday

home again!

i had a nice time in asheville this weekend {still feel guilty about missing out on friday's class} and a happy birthday. to be honest, it really didn't feel much like a birthday at all, but i'm okay with that. i didn't eat cake, or open a present, but i did get to do some mad yoga {and yes, stephanie even played jt & jason derulo songs this week!}. i seriously spent half my day upside down!
Laura and I had a quiet but pleasant drive there and back and we talked a lot about how much we have changed since we first began training.
i have absolutely no motivation to do homework right now. . . i don't think i will. . . it is my bday afterall!
p.s. who knew willem dafoe was so darn flexible! we watched sharron gannon & david life's 1990's intro to jivamukti video & willem dafoe kept creeping in every scene doing this ridiculous splits and back bends! sarah, the moment i saw his face, all i could think about was our encounter with him in newark!
also, sharron gannon reminded all of us that "love is the color blue". . . seriously. didn't make that up!
{all pics from the drive. . . it was nice not having to worry about compromising my driving with taking pictures this weekend! ha. . . bad habit that needs to stop}

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