Thursday, February 11, 2010

dear sun,

i've missed you. thanks for showing up again today. you should stick around longer next time d'accord?
abby, kelsey, guion, & maybe sarah {?} are coming home tonight!!! so glad. valentine's day will be wayy more fun now.
i am very intimidated with this whole art portfolio business. . . i've been working at it most of the afternoon and nothing is coming together. because of the ridiculous weather in dc right now, the school is closed and i have no way to contact the dear people at corcoran! i've got a long list of questions still.
i need to finish up cleaning, visit the gym, and work on the portfolio some more before they get home tonight. also, i have a french test and two essays to get working on. . .
someday, i know i will miss it, but right now, i'm really not liking homework much ; )
{all photos from nyc}

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